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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Conditions appropriate for MLD:

Cancer (post-treatment)

Post surgical edema (joint replacement)

Pre-surgery to prepare body and reduce after effects

Acute injuries after 24-48 hours


Breast Cancer rehab




Sinus Drainage


Stress & Anxiety

   Benefits of MLD:

Reduce swelling

Reduce pain

Increase energy

Helps with digestion

Promotes better sleep

Removes waste and toxins

Decrease bloating

Improve skin

Lift your mood

Mitigate headaches

Improve immunity

Accelerate healing from illness & injury

Treats inflammation

What to expect:

  • Minimum of 3-5 sessions recommended within the first 2-3 weeks in order to receive better and more immediate results

    • Additional sessions may be recommended if edema condition has been stagnant without prior treatment

  • Intake and consent forms are to be filled out at initial visit - patient portal also available if preferred

  • Full body sessions will not be completed at evaluation visit - will discuss past medical history, plan of care, education on the lymphatic system and appropriate treatment options​

  • Make sure to drink water before and after sessions to stay hydrated

  • The most effective treatment requires skin on skin contact. Sessions require minimal or loose fitting clothing - gowns will be available for use.

  • ***Contraindications for treatment: acute infection, injury within 24-48 hours, DVT (blood clot). 1st trimester of pregnancy, fever or congestive heart failure exacerbation

  • Payment is due the same day as session - check, cash or debit/credit card is accepted

  • Cancellations: 24 hour notice is required - if you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, 50% cancellation fee will be charged

    • In case of no show without notification, full fee will be charged​

  • Measurements will be taken prior to beginning sessions to provide objective outcomes on progress

    •  Photos may also be taken with written permission of client

  • Once measurements show significant reduction and reaches plateau - monthly maintenance sessions are encouraged

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