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Beyond Compression, LLC is a privately owned company operated by a board certified Occupational Therapist (OT) who is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). This company is established to provide occupational & lymphatic therapy services to individuals who require skilled treatment for improving their overall health and increasing independence with activities of daily living
638 Portersville Road
Ellwood City, PA 16117
Call to inquire about services 724-571-5483

Improve Your Quality of Life

Occupational & Lymphatic Therapy
“Chelsea is very knowledgeable & listened to what I had to say. I felt so much better after a few visits with her and continue to feel well with exercises she gave me to do at home."
“Chelsea is the best therapist that you could ever ask for! She really cares about her patients and she goes above and beyond when she's treating you to make sure that she is helping to make you feel better. I can't recommend her highly enough! After going through this for so many years it's wonderful to finally have someone who cares as much if not more than you do about your health.
"Chelsea goes above and beyond for her patients! She is great at what she does and super accommodating. I see her strictly for lymphatic massage/drainage. She is very knowledgeable and continues to stay educated on the latest updates in the medical field!!
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